A Step-Wise Approach to Presenting a CARE Program Presentation

Review and become familiar with the items on the Presenters page.

Review the Contact List of those individuals who have expressed interest in presenting the CARE Program.

It's possible that someone else may be interested in presenting at the same school or school district as you.
(Team or team-teaching efforts may be useful in covering as many classes/sessions as possible.)


Contact the school's administration (superintendent, board member, principal, or vice principal) who can direct you to the teacher or counselor whose curriculum might benefit from the CARE Program presentation.

Contact the teacher or counselor. Discuss what you intend to cover in the CARE Program presentation. Suggest that the teacher or counselor prepare the students for your presentation by "preteaching" the topic of credit abuse.
Establish with the school a schedule for your presentation(s).
Provide the CARE Program Coordinator with your contact information and discuss with the coordinator how to provide students with CARE Program handouts.