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   Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California
takes the lead with credit-abuse educational outreach
for high school and college students.

About Our CARE Program

John J. Hargrove, former judge at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California, instituted the Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program in the federal judiciary's Southern District of California (which encompasses San Diego and Imperial counties), and is still presenting the program today.

Modeled after the successful CARE Program created by Judge John Ninfo (U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Western District of New York), this program is aimed at high school seniors and college students and teaches them about the ins and outs of using credit and how to wisely use credit cards.

The goal of the CARE Program is to train young men and women to intelligently manage their credit cards and credit-card debt and to keep them from ever seeing the inside of a bankruptcy court.

Upon Judge Hargrove's retirement in 2008, Bankruptcy Court Judge Margaret Mann now heads the court's CARE Program. Judge Hargrove, however, is still active in presenting the program.

Scheduling a CARE Program Presentation

Click here to view and download the
CARE Program brochure.

If you are a school administrator or teacher and are interested in scheduling a CARE Program presentation at your high school, university, or college, please visit this page: Schools.


Video: Balancing Act

Watch the Balancing Act. It's a two-part video
produced by Channel One for young adults that warns of the dangers of abusing credit cards.


Judge Hargrove answers a question about credit-card abuse
at a recent CARE presentation

Contact Us for More Information

For more detailed information about the court's CARE Program, please call Michele McConnell, CARE coordinator at (619) 557-7560 or address your E-mail to:



National CARE Program


CARE Program Presentations


  • Castle Park High School
  • Cathedral High School
  • Crawford High School
  • Del Norte High School
  • Francis Parker
  • MET High School
  • Open Doors to the Court
  • Poway High School
  • San Diego Academy
  • San Diego Center for Children Academy
  • San Diego High School
  • San Diego High School of Media, Visual, & Performing Arts
  • San Diego Women's Resource Fair
  • Serra High School
  • Voices for Children

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