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The ideal audience for a CARE Program presentation is
graduating high school seniors and college freshmen.

CARE Program Brochure

The Bankruptcy Court has created a brochure that briefly describes the CARE Program that can be presented at your school. The brochure, which can be downloaded here, also discusses the real cost of credit, as well as provides tips for using credit cards.

Click here to view and download the
CARE Program brochure (in PDF; 319 kb).

Teachers and Schools: Request a CARE Presentation

If you are a school administrator or teacher and are interested in having a CARE Program presentation at your high school, university, or college, please complete the CARE Program Presentation Request.

The CARE Program Presentation Request is a form for requesting a CARE presentation at your school or organization. Three pages in length and easy to complete, the Presentation Request form also includes an Equipment Checklist, which assists us in determining the presentation equipment your school has and what equipment we'll need to bring to the presentation.

The CARE Program Presentation Request is available for download either in Microsoft Word format or in fillable Portable Document Format (PDF). Click on the hyperlink to download and follow the directions for each type as shown in the boxes below:

CARE Program Presentation Request
(in Word format)

When prompted, click on the Open button to open the form in Word.
Next, print the document.
Complete the form on paper, then either fax it to (619) 557-7026 or mail it to:

Michele McConnell, CARE Program
U.S. Bankruptcy Court -
Southern District of California
325 West F Street, San Diego CA 92101-6991


CARE Program Presentation Request
(in Portable Document Format;
requires Adobe Acrobat)

The form will open in Adobe Acrobat. On your computer, type in the requested information and save a copy of the completed form to your computer.

Attach the completed PDF to an E-mail message addressed to:


For assistance with completing this form, contact Michele McConnell, CARE Program coodinator at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California at (619) 557-7560 or address your E-mail to:


  "Debt-Loaded Message"

Bankruptcy judge warns teens of credit card dangers

In May 2005, reporter Michael Kinsman of the San Diego Union-Tribune featured an article about Judge Hargrove, the CARE Program, and credit card abuse.

The article was based on a CARE Program presentation given at University City High School.

Read the article:
Article: "Debt-Loaded Message"

(Note: The article is in PDF format
and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.)


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