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   Full Access Login - Already Filing with CM/ECF

Attorneys, trustees, and their staff generally require
Full Access CM/ECF logins.

Getting a CM/ECF login and password

Attorneys, trustees, and/or their staff must take our CM/ECF training and register for an E-filing account at to E-file in the Southern District of California.

Each bankruptcy court has different filing requirements, and our CM/ECF training focuses on our court-specific filing requirements.

Your CM/ECF training consists of these components:

  • Self-paced videos containing specifics for CM/ECF filing in our court

  • Our CM/ECF test, which involves answering quiz questions based on the videos and filing documents in our CM/ECF training database

All filers must successfully complete our CM/ECF test
and register with for a CM/ECF E-filing login and password for our court.

Follow these five steps to obtain a Full Access login and password:

Complete the registration form.

Click here to get the registration form


View the training videos.


You may wish to print the CM/ECF test (see Step 3) to help you answer the quiz questions as you work through the training videos.

Training Videos
Local Rules (5 mins)
Utilizing Court Forms (6 mins)
Using the CM/ECF Online Manual (13 mins)
Filing Documents in CM/ECF (16 mins)
E-Order Process (7 mins)



Complete the CM/ECF test.

Click here to get the CM/ECF test


Attach your completed CM/ECF test to an E-mail and send it to:

After we receive your test, we will review it.

 Click here to send E-mail to


Register for a PACER E-filing login and password.

At the PACER Web site

click on the Register tab and follow the instructions.

Upon your successful completion of our training certification requirements and your registration in PACER, the court will activate your PACER E-filing account.



Need Help?


Questions regarding PACER accounts should be directed to the PACER Service Center:

Training Help

Questions regarding CM/ECF training should be directed to the court's Training Department:

  • (619) 557-7535

Our CM/ECF Resources page contains other tutorial lessons, training videos, and links to other resources.

Attorney Training Waiver

We encourage all attorneys and their staff to complete the training. However, if the attorney is unable to do so, he or she may waive their participation in the training and allow staff members to complete the training on their behalf.

The attorney must complete the CM/ECF Attorney Training Waiver form (in fillable Portable Document Format) and submit it to the court according to the form's instructions.

After a staff member successfully completes our training certification requirements, along with registration at, the court will activate the attorney's PACER E-filing login and password that permits access to the CM/ECF system.

Then with the attorney's permission, the staff member can use the attorney's login and password to E-file in CM/ECF.