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New to CM/ECF?

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Current CM/ECF filers:

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CM/ECF is an acronym for Case Management / Electronic Case Files. It is a system being used in bankruptcy and district courts nationwide to provide filers certified in our court the option to electronically file case documents online.

Access levels to CM/ECF vary by the type of document you are filing. Some documents, such as claims, can be filed by any certified creditor representative. Other documents, such as motions and objections, may be filed only by certified attorneys and their staff. Your login determines the access level you have in the CM/ECF system.

To obtain a CM/ECF login for the Southern District of California, please follow the instructions in the CM/ECF Registration and Training section.

CM/ECF Registration and Training

Each court has different filing requirements, and our CM/ECF training is focused on our court-specific filing requirements.

Need a login for our court?
Already have a login for our court?

To become a CM/ECF certified user in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California, you must register and complete the training that is specfic to your needs.

Click here to begin the registration process

If you use CM/ECF at another U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, or other court unit, you still must register and complete our online training to use CM/ECF at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California.

If you already have a login for our court but are still filing some documents in paper, access these CM/ECF resources to help you fully transition to electronic filing:

  • CM/ECF Manual, which has the most current, easy-to-follow instructions for every document that can be filed in CM/ECF


Court Reporter Training

Court reporters now can become certified in our court to file transcripts via CM/ECF. First, you must register and complete our court reporters' training: click here to register and begin.

Access CM/ECF Here

Click here to access the CM/ECF live database

If you are a certified CM/ECF user with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California, use the CM/ECF database to electronically file your documents in actual cases.
Click here to access the CM/ECF training database
If you are training to become a certified CM/ECF user in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California, use the CM/ECF training database to practice filing your documents.

Filing Documents

Using CM/ECF online, you can file various types of documents, such as petitions, motions, adversaries, and related pleadings:

Filing Chapters 7, 11, 12, or 13 Electronically

  • Filing Fees
  • Documents

Filing Other Items Electronically

  • Filing an Amended Schedule
  • Filing a Motion for Relief from Stay
  • Filing a New Adversary Complaint
  • Filing a Proof of Claim
  • Filing an Abstract of Judgement
  • Filing a Change of Address
You still can file over the counter at the courthouse or by mail.

CM/ECF Requirements

CM/ECF is mandatory. After over a decade of “voluntary” electronic filing by attorneys and trustees, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California mandated the electronic filing and submission of all documents filed by attorneys and trustees in this court, effective March 1, 2010.

Court data can be electronically accessed through Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).

You must have a PACER login and password to access CM/ECF reports. If you currently do not have a PACER login and password, you can obtain one by going to the PACER website.

Click here to review CM/ECF's hardware/software requirements

To use CM/ECF, you must meet the hardware and software requirements.

CM/ECF Information

The latest edition of the Bankruptcy Confidential newsletter
(posted on February 27, 2015) is available here.

Click here for more informaton about CM/ECF

Review the numerous advantages that CM/ECF offers. Here is a list of CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).