Shhh, the court is in session! All of our historic courtrooms are busy. Although each courtroom is distinct in its shape and size, the design of the original courtroom influenced the other courtroom designs throughout the building.

Judges and Courtrooms

The Jacob Weinberger U.S.Courthouse is located at 325 West F Street, San Diego, California 92101, on the southwest corner of F and Union Streets in downtown San Diego. Click here for more court information. Please see the court phone list to contact the judges' chambers, law clerks, judicial assistants, and/or courtroom deputies. Some of the Judges have created Chamber Guidelines with additional information or requirements for their cases.

Judge & Department Weinberger Courthouse
Judge Louise DeCarl Adler
Department 2
Room 118
Judge Christopher B. Latham
Department 5
Room 318
Judge Margaret M. Mann
Department 1
Room 218

Chief Judge Laura S. Taylor
Department 3

Room 129

Court Calendars

To help you plan your week, check this week's court calendars posted online for your review. New calendars are posted on Friday night for the next week's hearings.

Tentative rulings are now included on the calendar for Judge Adler (Department 2). Tentative rulings for Judge Latham (Department 5) and Chief Judge Taylor (Department 3) are posted on the docket. Please be advised that appearances are excused only if so noted in the tentative ruling. Check the calendar or the docket before your hearings.

Published Opinions and Unpublished Decisions

Need to know if the judge has written a decision on an issue in your case? The judges' published opinions and unpublished decisions can be found here and in the Law Library. The opinions and decisions are sorted by judge and by date signed.

Code of Conduct  

The judges remind everyone that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California has a Code of Conduct. They also remind counsel that they should exercise the highest standards of professionalism in their interactions with clients and with each other.

One of our courtrooms


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