Manual Updated: 10/01/14

United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of California
325 W F Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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New Procedure and Court Form:

Chapter 11 Individual Debtor's Request for Discharge, Certifications Re Domestic Support Obligations & Section 522(q)(CSD 2121) can be filed either under the Motions/Applications or the Miscellaneous Documents categories.

Updated Procedure and Court Forms:

The Application for Entry of Final Decree procedure is for requesting a Final Decree in either a Chapter 11 Corporation or a Chapter 11 Individual Debtor case.


The Final Decree orders include:

  • CSD 1156 (Final Decree), which may be uploaded for either a Ch 11 Corporation or a Ch 11 Individual Debtor case (if the Ch 11 Individual Debtor case was not closed prior to completion of plan payments).

  • CSD 1156A (Final Decree in Individual Ch 11 Case before completion of plan payments).


PDF File Size Requirement


The PDF file size requirement has been expanded from eight (8) megabytes to fifteen (15) megabytes.


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