Manual Updated: 7/10/14

United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of California
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New Procedures and Court Forms:

Chapter 11 Individual Combined Plan & Disclosure Statement (CSD 1152) is for individual debtors who filed a Chapter 11 case.

The CSD 1152 (Individual Ch 11 Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement) form is in Word format. Follow the Instructions for Using the Plan and Disclosure Statement for Individual Chapter 11 Debtors (CSD 1152A) to complete the CSD 1152 form.  Once completed, convert the completed CSD 1152 form to a pdf document for electronic filing.

Change in Lead Attorney within the Law Firm only requires a pleading - not an order.  IMPORTANT: In the event that there is a list of cases that the change in attorney affects, file the document in the first case number.  The court will update the other cases on the list.

If substituting attorneys from law firm to law firm, see Substitution of Attorney and Order Thereon (CSD 3011) .


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