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New Means Test for Individual Debtor Forms and Procedures:

  1. Chapter 7 Statement of Current Monthly Income &  Means - Test Calculation (B 22A) has been divided into three forms: B22A-1: Statement of Current Monthly Income; B22A-1 Supplement: Statement of Exemption from Presumption of Abuse; and B22A-2: Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation

  2. Chapter 11 Statement of Current Monthly Income for individual debtors (B 22B) has been updated:  

  3. Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly Income & Calculation of Commitment Period & Disposable Income (B 22C) has been divided into two forms: B22C-1:  Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period and B22C-2: Calculation of Disposable Income

Motion to Restrict Public Access no longer requires an order, as the order is autodocketed; however, a $25 fee is charged to file a redacted document to replace the restricted document.  There is no longer a fee to reopen a case to file restrict public access to file a redacted document.

Motion to Restrict Public Access to Proof of Claim does not require a pdf document;  however, a $25 fee is charged to file a redacted proof of claim to replace the restricted proof of claim.  The filer will not be charged a reopening fee for filing a Motion to Restrict Public Access to Proof of Claim in a closed case.

New Appeal Forms and Procedures:

  1. Notice of Appeal and Statement of Election includes two new forms: B 17A(Main) for Bankruptcy Cases and B 17A(Adv) for Adversary Cases.

  2. Certification to Court of Appeals by All Parties (B 24) - This is the updated title of the current procedure Certification of Direct Appeal to Court of Appeals (B 24), which matches the title of the B 24 form.

  3. Statement of Evidence in Lieu of Transcript.

  4. Response to Statement of Evidence in Lieu of Transcript.

  5. Agreed Statement in Lieu of Record on Appeal.

  6. Certification of No Transcript Ordered.

In the event an Order Shortening Time has been filed in a case, the procedures associated with the following forms instruct the filer to enter the objection period listed in the Order Shortening Time: CSD 1033, CSD 1027, CSD 1185, CSD 1171.1, CSD 1181, 1183, 3015, CSD 1149, CSD 1158, CSD 1180, CSD 2062, CSD 1182, CSD 1140, CSD 2063, CSD 2064, and CSD 2015.



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