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When filing a transfer of claim, ECF requires claim, purchaser and seller information. Click on the hyperlinks below to read more on identifying a claim number, verifying if purchaser and/or seller are listed on the case and to file the document.
IMPORTANT: Effective May 1, 2013, a $25 fee will be charged for each transfer of claim filed. If the fee is not paid within 24 hours of the filing, the filer will be locked out of the ECF filing system until the fee has been paid.
  1. Identify the court assigned claim number.
  2. Verify that both the Purchaser and Seller are listed on the case.
  3. File the Assignment/Transfer of Claim
    1. Select Bankruptcy menu.
    2. Select Claim Actions.
    3. Ensure correct case name and number match the document you are filing.
    4. Select party filer.
      • Party filer not listed, Add/Create New Party .
    5. Select Document Event: Transfer of Claim (BNC)(fee).
    6. Browse , verify and attach the document (PDF file).
      • Attach supportive documents, if applicable.
    7. Submit.
    8. Click on the hyperlinks below for instruction on how to enter the appropriate data.
      1. Select the applicable Transfer type, which will generate the appropriate notice.
        • 3001(e)1
        • 3001(e)2
        • 3001(e)3
        • 3001(e)4
      2. For Purchaser, Assignee, Transferee (creditor purchasing the claim)
      3. For Seller, Assignor, Transferor (creditor selling the claim)   Note: This screen allows for up to three creditors to be added. Click on the Transfer More Claims button if there are more than three creditors.
    9. Verify filing fee.
    10. Submit.  
    11. Verify final docket text before submitting onto case docket
    12. Print the Notice of Electronic Filing. It's your receipt. 
    13. Continue to pay the filing fee.

Quick Note

Before filing you must identify the court assigned claim number and check to see if the purchaser and seller are listed creditors.

If purchaser and/or seller are not listed on the creditor mailing matrix, you would then add them to the list.

The $25 Transfer of Claim filing fee is paid online either through Reports by clicking on Credit Card Payment (Outstanding) or through Utilities by clicking on Pay Outstanding Fees.





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