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Subpoena in an Adversary Proceeding 

CSD 3009

Local Rule #

Federal Rule #

Category:  Miscellaneous Documents



The below instructions are for filing this Subpoena after it has been issued and served on the appropriate parties.

  1. Select Adversary menu.
  2. Select Miscellaneous Documents.
  3. Ensure correct case name and number match the document you are filing.
  4. Select party filer.
  5. Select Document Event: Subpoena in an Adversary Proceeding (CSD 3009).
  6. Browse, verify and attach the CSD 3009 (PDF file).
  7. Submit.
  8. Modify text to add pertinent information, such as Amended, if applicable.
  9. Verify final docket text before submitting onto case docket.
  10. Print the Notice of Electronic Filing. It's your receipt.

Quick Note

To file a Subpoena in a Bankruptcy Case (CSD 1051), click here.








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