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Substitution of Attorney 


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Category:  Miscellaneous Documents



As the substitution of attorney must now be approved by the court, the attorney substitution will occur once an order granting the attorney substitution has been entered on the case docket.  

IMPORTANT:  To avoid filing a substitution of attorney pleading and uploading a separate order, complete and upload the Substitution of Attorney and Order Thereon (CSD 3011), which includes the substitution of attorney pleading and order in one document.

  1. Select Bankruptcy or Adversary menu.
  2. Select Miscellaneous Documents.
  3. Ensure correct case name and number match the document you are filing.
  4. Select party filer.
  5. Select Document Event: Substitution of Attorney.
  6. Browse, verify and attach the document (PDF file).
  7. Bypass box at Refer to existing event(s).
  8. Modify text to add pertinent information, such as Amended, if applicable.
  9. Verify final docket text before submitting onto case docket.
  10. Print the Notice of Electronic Filing. It's your receipt.
  11. Continue with uploading an order granting the Substitution of Attorney.

Quick Note

Pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 9010-5, the substitution of attorneys is governed by District Court Local Rule 83.3(g)(2) which states that attorney substitutions are to be approved by the court and signed by the party making the substitution, the attorney ceasing to act and the newly appointed attorney. Therefore, to facilitate the attorney substitution process and to comply with District Court Local Rule 83.3(g)(2), the court implemented the new form and order CSD 3011 - Substitution of Attorney and Order Thereon.





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