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Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments

CSD 1006

Local Rule #

Federal Rule #

Category:  Motions/Applications


Filing the application to pay filing fee in installments requires the filer to pay the filing fee in two installments.  The first installment is due at the time of filing the petition.  The second installment is due in 30 days of the petition file date.  In addition, the document event automatically enters an Order approving the application on the case docket.
  1. Select Bankruptcy menu.
  2. Select Motions/Applications.
  3. Ensure correct case name and number match the document you are filing.
  4. Select party filer.
  5. Select Document Event:  Pay Filing Fees in Installments (Application) (CSD 1006).
  6. Browse, verify and attach the CSD 1006 (PDF files).
  7. Check box at Refer to existing event(s).
  8. Select Voluntary Petition (docket text).
  9. Click on Submit.
  10. Verify final docket text and filing fee before submitting on case docket.
  11. Print the Notice of Electronic Filing. It's your receipt.
    • Ensure that Order Approving Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installment (docket text) is on the Notice of Electronic Filing. 

Quick Note

To submit and pay the final installment, see Final Ch7 ,
Ch 11 , Ch 12  or Ch 13 Install Payment
procedure in the Miscellaneous Documents category.

If final payment is not received within the 30 day deadline, the bankruptcy case is subject for dismissal.



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