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Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) 


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Important Information regarding access to closed cases through PACER:  Per the Privacy of Social Security Policy, anything filed in a case opened before 12/01/2003 and closed at least one year is auto restricted, wherein the document cannot be viewed through PACER.  The public can either print out copies of these documents from our public computers at the Front Count Intake area in our Court or order copies from the NARA Federal Records Center.


Under the Reports menu, the following PACER links are available.


  • PACER - Case Locator (National Index) - upon clicking on this link the below screen appears.


  • PACER - Individual Court Sites- upon clicking on this link the below screen appears.



Quick Note


A mobile web version of the PACER Case Locator, the search tool for locating court records in all district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts, is available for iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones, and Android devices version 2.2 and higher.


For more information click on Mobile Query under Reports.




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