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Credit Card Payment 


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This report allows the filer to pay filing fees. Payments MUST be paid within 24 hours of the filing. If not you will be locked out of CM/ECF until full payment is made.  To pay filing fees or to unlock CM/ECF (due to non payment of filing fees), follow this procedure .   To see credit card screens click here.

  1. Log into CM/ECF using your ECF login and password.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. Click Credit Card Payment (Outstanding).

  4. Select the fees to pay in a single transaction.

    • To pay all the outstanding fees with one credit card, click the Select all button; click the Next button.

    • To pay fees with multiple credit cards, under Check Fees to Pay, select the fees to pay in a single transaction with a particular credit card; click the Next button.

      • Repeat this process until all outstanding fees are paid.

  5. Verify the fees selected on the Internet Payments Due screen; click Pay Now.

  6. Verify the Enter Payment Information screen for your pre-filled name and address, which was retrieved from your ECF login. 

    • Enter address information.

    • Select Card Type.

    • Enter Card Number.

    • Enter Security Code

    • Select Expiration Date.

    • Click Continue with Plastic Credit Card Payment button.

  7. Click "I authorized charge" box in the Payment Summary and Authorization screen. 

    • You may enter an email address if you would like a receipt emailed to you directly from the credit card processor - enter this information is optional. This email would be in addition to the electronic notification from ECF when your receipt is docketed. 

  8. Click Submit Payment.

    • Note: Pressing this button more than once could result in multiple transactions.

      Note: Any remaining fees due must be paid with 24 hours of the filing. Repeat the above instructions to pay any remaining fees due.

       To view your record of payments made access the Attorney Fee Report.

      Filing fees can also be paid through Utilities-Pay Outstanding Fees.

Quick Note

You may choose to pay some or all of the fees in a given transaction.  You may use more than one credit card to pay your outstanding fees.

Entering the Credit Card Security Code  is mandatory with Pay.gov as an additional protection to credit card holders.  For further information regarding Credit Card Security Codes,  click here.

Payment problems may occur due to incorrect document selection or an error in fee amounts. These errors usually occur with the Notice of Conversion13 to 7 and/or Division of Case  and Amendment, Relief from Stay, Reopen, or New Cases.



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