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Reset ECF Password

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This procedure allows certified ECF filers to reset their ECF password in the event they have forgotten or lost it.


IMPORTANT:  The ECF filer's e-mail information must be up to date in the Southern District of CA's ECF System, as an e-mail with instructions on how to reset the password is sent to the filer's e-mail address.  If the e-mail address is not up to date, the filer should send an e-mail requesting their ECF login and password to casb_training@casb.uscourts.gov.


Follow the below instructions to reset your ECF password online.

  1. Access the live ECF database by copying and pasting this link to your browser:https://ecf.casb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/login.pl

  2. Click on click here located above the login area, as shown below.



  • The below screen will appear.




  1. Enter your login ID or e-mail address associated with your login ID.

  2. Enter the 'Captcha' word.

  3. Click Submit.

    • A message will appear indicating that an e-mail, with instructions for resetting the password, has been sent from info_casb@casb.uscourts.gov to the filer's e-mail address appearing at the bottom of the message.

  4. Follow the directions in the e-mail received from info_casb titled "CASB CM/ECF Password Reset Request" to reset your ECF password.

Quick Note


If the ECF filer's e-mail address is not up to date on our ECF System, DO NOT attempt to reset the ECF password online. Rather, send an e-mail requesting the ECF login and password  to casb_training@casb.uscourts.gov.


If an ECF certified  attorney's address, e-mail, etc. has changed, complete the Attorney Change of Information Form (CSD 1546) and file it in paper with the court.






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