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Saving and Naming Fillable PDF Forms
Electronically fillable PDF forms can be completed
and saved on your computer using the Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer
(Version 4.0 or higher).

Other PDF-conversion software may not have the ability
to save the completed fillable PDF forms.

Directions for Saving and Naming Fillable PDF Forms
Click on the hyperlink to access the fillable CSD form.

Using your computer keyboard, complete the appropriate fields on the fillable PDF form. Use the Tab key to move from one fillable field to the next.


If applicable, remember to sign the document
using the /s/ (signer's name) electronic notation.

Click on the Save a copy icon in the Adobe Acrobat menu bar that is open in your browser. The Save a Copy window displays.

In the Save in: field, specify the folder on your computer in which you wish to save the PDF file.

Specify the PDF file name in the File name: field.
In the Save as type: field, verify that Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf) is selected.
Click on the Save button.

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