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Limited Access for Court Reporters

Limited Access for Court Reporters

Court reporters who are new to NextGen CM/ECF now can become trained in our court and certified to file transcripts using CM/ECF and their PACER username and password.

If you are a court reporter wishing to file transcripts via CM/ECF, you must take our training and register to E-file at

Each bankruptcy court has different filing requirements, and our CM/ECF training focuses on our court-specific filing requirements.

Your CM/ECF training consists of these components:

  • Self-paced training videos containing specifics for CM/ECF filing in our court
  • Our CM/ECF test, which involves answering quiz questions based on the lessons and videos and filing documents in our CM/ECF training database

Follow these six steps to begin your training for limited access to our NextGen CM/ECF:

1 Complete the registration form.
2 View these training videos:
Training Videos
Get Acquainted with CM/ECF (10 mins)
Working with PDFs (6 mins)
Using the CM/ECF Online Manual (13 mins)


3 Review the procedure for filing transcripts.
4 Complete the CM/ECF test and save it to your computer.

Suggestion: To help you answer the quiz questions in the CM/ECF test, you may wish to print the CM/ECF test before you view the training videos.

5 Attach the completed test to an Email and send it to:
6 Register for a PACER E-filing account. At the PACER Web site, click on the Register tab and follow the instructions.

After we receive your Email, we will review your CM/ECF test and test filing in our training database. Upon your successful completion of both test and test filing, the court will activate your PACER E-filing account, thus allowing access to NextGen CM/ECF.


 Contact the court's Training Department at (619) 557-7535 or send an Email to