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CARE Program

The Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program is a court outreach program that provides students and young adults with knowledge and the skills they need to make smart financial decisions.

For the past 12 years, Bankruptcy Court Judge Margaret Mann has lead the Credit Abuse Resistance Education ("CARE") Program supported by the San Diego Bankruptcy Court.  In 2023, Judge Mann turned over the reins of Program Chair to Attorney Lilys McCoy.  Judge Mann will continue to be the Court sponsor of the San Diego CARE Program.

“The volunteers with our CARE Program in San Diego provide practical tips
to help people avoid costly financial mistakes and build security for a happy life.”

— Judge Margaret Mann

Judges, attorneys, and other professionals in the judicial system are available to deliver informative CARE Program presentations to your students right in your classroom. Presentations can be delivered to large or small groups and can be tailored to fit your schedule. We also can focus on a financial topic that is most interesting to your students.

If you are an administrator or teacher and are interested in scheduling a CARE Program presentation at your high school, college, or other organization, contact Michele McConnell, Judge Mann's judicial assistant and CARE Program coordinator, for more information.

What CARE Can Bring to Your Students


  • CARE teaches students everyday tips to stay on track, right from their smartphone

Banking 101

  • From how to set up a check and savings account to information on the best type of accounts for students

Credit Cards

  • Should I charge this or not? CARE discusses the pros and cons of credit and how to use it wisely

Credit Scores

  • What are they? How can I get a higher credit score? All are questions the CARE Program  answers

Payday Loans

  • New regulations related to payday loans and how student could be at risk are presented

Student Loans

  • Why higher education is worth the cost and how to avoid risks in borrowing while decreasing the overall amount