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Classroom Outreach

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California is offering education opportunities for students ranging from elementary schools to graduating High School Seniors. Below are two presentations that can be viewed online or downloaded for classroom use.

View The Road to Financial Independence

“The Road to Financial Independence” is the CARE presentation delivered to hundreds of high school students and others by the Southern District of California. Normally provided by volunteers in classrooms, this video contains the 33-minute presentation as it would be delivered in the classroom.

The Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program is a court outreach program that provides students and young adults with knowledge and the skills they need to make smart financial decisions.

More information about the CARE Program can be found here.

Recommended for High School students.

View Cinderella vs Tremaine

Welcome to the trial of Cinderella vs the Estate of Zelda, The Lady Tremaine.  Enter the courtroom as Her Royal Highness, Cinderella has filed a civil action against Lady Tremaine, her stepmother for unpaid compensation, or “back pay”, that she alleges she earned before marrying His Royal Highness, Prince Charming.  Students can be part of the jury deciding the case.

More information about using Cinderella vs the Estate of Zelda, The Lady Tremaine in the classroom can be found here including multiple versions of the presentation and a Facilitators Guide.

Recommended for Younger Students