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Court Calendars / Tentative Rulings

For Judge specific guidelines on how to appear for hearings, please click on your judge’s name on the left-side panel. If your judge has allowed you to appear remotely, here are Guidelines for Telephonic Hearings and Guidelines for Zoom Hearing.

This week's court calendars for each of the court's judges are posted here. To view a judge's courtroom calendar, click on the name of a specific day. The calendar will appear as an Acrobat PDF file. For questions regarding a calendar hearing, please contact the judge's courtroom deputy (calendar clerk).  Calendars beyond the current week may be available on ChapMobile.

Tentative rulings for all departments are now included on the calendar and are posted on the docket. Please be advised that appearances are excused only if so noted in the tentative ruling. Check the calendar or the docket before your hearings.

For those with communications disabilities, see our Disability Accommodations page.

Future changes and feedback

The posted calendars you see are our introductory versions from the new calendar program we are using.  We will be changing the format of the calendars themselves and possibly even the entire web page.  We would like your help in creating calendars that give the users the information they need in a format that makes sense to all.  Please give us feedback:

  • Let us know what you like about our calendars.
  • Let us know what you don’t like about our calendars.
  • Let us know what you would like to see in our calendar page.
  • Let us know what you like or don’t like in other court calendar pages and calendars – and let us know what court it is so we can look at their postings.

Send your comments to the clerk at

Directions: Click on the day of the week in the table below to view that judge's calendar for that day:

Chief Judge Christopher B. LATHAM
(Dept. 1 – Room 218)
Judge Laura S. TAYLOR
(Dept. 3 – Room 129)

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