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Contracted Court Reporters

Contracted court reporters who are new to NextGen CM/ECF can become trained in our court and certified to file transcripts using CM/ECF and their PACER username and password.

All contracted court reporters must have their own non-attorney PACER account. If you have not done so already please register for a Non-Attorney PACER account. Additionally, please ensure you are complying with the following steps.

  1. Court Reporters familiar with filing in CM/ECF should review the following training videos:
    1. Signing and Retention of Documents (7 mins)
    2. Get Acquainted with CM/ECF (10 mins)
    3. Working with PDFs (6 mins)
    4. Using the CM/ECF Online Manual (13 mins)
  1. Request access to California Southern Bankruptcy in the PACER system by following the “Non-Attorney E-file Registration” link below and selecting “Court Reporter” as the “Role in Court” when completing the registration form.
    1. You must have an individual PACER account upgraded for compatibility with NextGen CM/ECF.
    2. If you already have a PACER account, you can request filing privileges by logging into PACER “to Manage my Account”; select Maintenance; select Non-Attorney E-File Registration then select the Court.


If you have questions regarding obtaining a CM/ECF Login for filing in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California, call 619-557-7555 or send Email to  For assistance on the PACER side, follow this link