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How do I convert a Creditor Matrix (List of Creditors) to a text (.txt) file?

A creditor matrix is a list of creditors that contains each creditor's name and mailing address. This information is used for noticing and also for claims information when applicable. The list of creditors is uploaded to case's docket in the electronic CM/ECF system.

The list of creditors must be created in an ASCII file format and saved with the .txt file extension before it can be successfully uploaded to the CM/ECF system.

If you are creating the list of creditors from within a word processor, such as Word or WordPerfect, you must follow these specific directions to save the file as an ASCII text file:

  • Using Word: Click on File, then Save As. Change the "Save as Type" to Plain Text or MS-Dos Text. Name the file. Click Save. This procedure will save the file with the filename that you typed, and add a .txt extension to the filename.
  • Using WordPerfect: Click on File, then Save As. Change the File Type to ASCII Dos Text. Name the file. Click on Save.

The specifications for creating a List of Creditors are extensive. Be sure to consult the complete instructions for the creating the List of Creditors found in Form CSD 1007.