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Limited Access - Special

Limited Access - Special Login for Financial Management Course Professionals

Personal financial management course providers generally require Limited Access - Special CM/ECF logins only. Because the privileges are very narrow in scope for filers with a Limited Access - Special login and password, you will use CM/ECF to electronically file personal financial management course completion certificates only.

Each bankruptcy court has different filing requirements, and our CM/ECF training focuses on our court-specific filing requirements.

To become a Limited Access - Special CM/ECF E-filer with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of California, personal financial management course providers must demonstrate that they can attach a certificate of completion to our CM/ECF training system.

Before you can access NextGen CM/ECF, you must complete our CM/ECF training, which is specifically designed for users already filing using CM/ECF in another bankruptcy court.

Your CM/ECF training consists of this component:

  • Our CM/ECF test, which involves filing financial management course certificates in our CM/ECF training database. The test includes detailed instructions for completing the test and submitting it to the court.

Follow these four steps to begin your training for limited access to our NextGen CM/ECF:

1 Complete the registration form.
2 Complete the CM/ECF test and save it to your computer.
3 Attach the completed test to an Email and send it to:
4 Register for a PACER E-filing account. At the PACER Web site, click on the Register tab and follow the instructions.

After we receive your Email, we will review your CM/ECF test and test filing in our training database. Upon your successful completion of both test and test filing, the court will activate your PACER E-filing account, thus allowing access to NextGen CM/ECF.


 Contact the court's Training Department at (619) 557-7535 or send an Email to