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Bankruptcy Local Rules Amendments to become effective September 12, 2020

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Notice and opportunity for public comment having been given by the Court, General Order 197 has been filed and the effective date for the amended local bankruptcy rules (LBR) is September 12, 2020.  A copy of the General Order with the September 12, 2020 version of the Local Bankruptcy Rules and Administrative Procedures can be found here.  In addition, there are new and revised local court CSD forms which have been posted on the court’s website on the forms page with the September 12 effective date. The following new and revised forms are now available: 

  • Form CSD 3014, Motion To Be Relieved As Counsel – New form pursuant to amended LBR 9010-6.
  • Form CSD 1180, Notice of Intended Action and Opportunity for Hearing – This form has been updated to include sales of property not free and clear of liens.
  • Form CSD 1199, Notice of Hearing and Motion on Sale of Property Free and Clear of Liens and Interests – This is a new form for the sales of property free and clear of liens. 
  • Form CSD 4002, Order Appointing Mediator and Assignment to Mediation – This is an internal order form which is generated by the court.  It has been updated to reflect that the court’s mediation procedures are currently located in the Form CSD 1800 Administrative Procedures, Section 5. Also, it is noted that the case questionnaire is no longer required and has been replaced by the requirement for a mediation letter or brief.


Bankruptcy Court Next Gen CM/ECF Version 1.5.2

The Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California has implemented a new version of Next Gen CM/ECF.  Next Gen CM/ECF Version 1.5.2 is now implemented at the court.  As part of this new version, the court will be implementing the Electronic Self-Representation Module (ESR) which will enable pro se debtors to fill out their bankruptcy petition and schedules electronically on-line through a link on the court’s website. Also, the “Bankruptcy Events” menu in the CM/ECF System is being reorganized by category and will have the following appearance:


Next Gen CM/ECF Tips & Tricks Reminder

Search Functionality Reminder - There is a search feature in CM/ECF which can be useful to registered users of the CM/ECF System.  Specifically, the search feature is located to the right of the Utilities menu bar at the top header of the CM/ECF Screen. The search feature enables users of the system to search by key words or CSD form number.  For example, Relief From Stay or CSD 1160.  The search feature when used in conjunction with the attorney manual can assist users to successfully navigate through the CM/ECF System.