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Notice Of Mortgage Forbearance – New Docket/Filing Events

Friday, May 1, 2020

The court has implemented the following events for the filing of notices of mortgage forbearance under the CARES Act:


For Attorney's:        Select Bankruptcy, Claim Actions, Mortgage Forbearance (CARES Act)(Notice) OR

                                   Select Bankruptcy, Notices and Hearing, Mortgage Forbearance (CARES Act)(Notice)                                


For Limited Filer's:  Select Bankruptcy, Claims & Miscellaneous Filings, Mortgage Forbearance (CARES Act)(Notice)


The document type selection can be found under the Bankruptcy hypertext link, select  Notices & Hearing or Claims Action category for attorney's and Claims & Miscellaneous Filing for limited filers.  The document type selection Mortgage Forbearance (CARES Act)(Notice) allows for linkage to an existing proof of claim, if on file.  The Notice docket entry and PDF document will spread to the claims register as well as the case docket.  If no proof of claim is on file, the document PDF will be available on the case docket for viewing.  The CM/ECF online manual has been updated with this procedure (