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Now Effective: Local Rules Amendments

Monday, October 3, 2016

After a period of public comment, the Court, having considered comments and suggestions provided by the Local Bankruptcy Rules Advisory Committee, adopts changes to the Local Bankruptcy Rules.

Local Bankruptcy Rule (LBR) 4002-2 is modified to clarify the procedures and notice requirements regarding the compensation of debtor(s) and insiders. LBR 7016-2 brings the Court's local rules into compliance with the December 1, 2015 revisions to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure regarding the timing of the scheduling order for the initial pretrial status conference. LBR 9013-3 is revised to update the list of motions and applications not requiring notice to include motions to reopen for the purpose of filing the financial management education certificate and the certification regarding domestic support obligations. Technical corrections have been made to LBRs 2002-1(b), 2002-2(d), 3015-9, 3017-2(b)(2), 9006-1(b), and 9010-5. Finally, the cross-reference table Appendix B has been edited to link to the revised District Court Local Rules.