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Now effective: Local Rules Amendments contained in General Order 189

Monday, August 21, 2017

After a period of public comment, the amendments to the Local Bankruptcy Rules as presented in General Order 189 are now in effect. Specifically, the amendments include changes to Local Bankruptcy Rules 1017-1(a) and (b); 2014-2(a); 3013-1; 5011-1(c); and 9013-10(c). In addition, the Court also identified the need for technical amendments and implements changes to Local Bankruptcy Rules 1002-1(c)(2); 2016-1; 3015-9; 7054-3(b); and 9013-4(a). Finally, the Court and Local Bankruptcy Advisory Committee also has updated the Mediation Panel Procedures (Section 5) of the Administrative Procedures (CSD Form 1800).