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Unclaimed Funds Search

In some bankruptcy cases, money is left over from the bankruptcy estate and is forwarded to the Court from the trustee to hold as unclaimed funds on behalf of the claimant or creditor.  A variety of circumstances may cause funds to be considered unclaimed, such as when the trustee does not have a current mailing address for the claimant or creditor, when a payment is issued by the trustee but returned undeliverable, or when a payment issued by the trustee is not presented for payment within 90 days.

To request payment of unclaimed funds being held by the Court, you must complete an application for payment of unclaimed funds (copies will not be accepted), request for payee information and TIN certification, and provide the required supporting documentation (see instructions).

If you have any general questions relating to unclaimed funds, please contact the financial department through email at or call 619-557-6777.